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Control G - Recent Changes

12/29/17 Revised Payroll PRM file - updated for 2017 EFW2 W2 filing

12/29/17 Revised Payroll Tax Files (SS Only)

12/29/17 Revised W2 printing routine for 2017 Social security tax limits

12/29/16 Revised Payroll PRM file - updated for 2016 EFW2 W2 filing

12/29/16 Revised Payroll Tax Files

12/29/16 Revised W2 printing routine for 2016 Social security tax limits

12/23/15 New "Prebill Transaction Duplicator" found under Billing / Invoices. Will duplicate transactions from any invoice - used primarily for reversing pre-bill transactions, but can be used to reverse invoice transactions - very powerful - Access the menu option and press help (F1) for more info

12/21/15 Revised Payroll PRM file - updated for 2015 EFW2 W2 filing

12/15/15 Revised Payroll Tax Files

12/15/15 Added Non-resident federal tables to payroll tax files

12/15/15 Revised W2 printing routine for 2015 Social security tax limits

12/15/15 Revised 1099 form to provide for additional boxes in the "Account Number" area

04/02/15 Allow for "recap only" option for the job listing by client report

01/29/15 (Ver. 7) Fields earmarked as "not null" in data dictionary could allow nulls under certain circumstances - related to a reserved word issue

01/22/15 Added P.O. Sort, Limit PO's and Recap Only options to the Job Listing report

05/28/14 (Ver. 7) In maintenance routines, when using the 'Ctrl+F' search option, it was possible to delete a record - disabled all methods of deletion

01/13/14 G/L Autopost - added check for end of month date entry and added buttons to increment / decrement month end date

12/27/13 Payroll J/E change for additional medicare

12/27/13 Quarterly tax report change for additional medicare

12/26/13 941 (Quarterly Tax Liability) report change to 2013 fields

12/23/13 Payroll Changes - Allow for custom Medicare tax tables with tiers

12/22/13 Year-end changes to the PRM file

12/21/13 Payroll W-2, W-3, EFW2, & 1099-Misc. changes for 2013

07/28/13 In Version 7, added "Outdoor" to Strata in medial control order and invoice audit import procedures

03/01/13 In the "Standard Printer Device" screen, when assigning the "last used" printer, added code to try to guard against "erroring out" if the printer does not exist either on the machine being used, or on the network.

01/29/13 Add "Show Zero Invoices" option to Client Payment History Report

12/20/12 Year-end W2 changes

12/20/12 Payroll Changes - Allow for custom Medicare tax tables with tiers

05/07/12 (Ver. 7) A/P Voucher Input discount edit changed to the "Down Arrow" key.

02/27/12 Alt+A Mass Hold Toggle not respecting PO Auto Hold option - fixed

01/09/12 (Ver. 7) Traffic Browse Maintenance corrected "New Line" prompt (Ctrl+Y) and fixed line deletion bug

12/11/11 ID Changer now has a new option [Alt+F6] to "Zero Pad" id's in whatever file you choose. Depending upon which file you select, this option can take an inordinate amount of time. Also, no one else should be using Control G when this option is performed.

12/09/11 On the "Employee Hour Report" added option to limit employees

11/15/11 In the Job Control (Control G Accounting) installed guard against adding new jobs or clients and possibly creating duplicates

11/15/11 In "Time Maintenance" under certain circumstances it was possible to change the "ivt" record "status" even if the "ivt" record had been billed - fixed

11/10/11 In "Direct Transaction" maintenance "Hold (or un-hold) all items past a specific date" (the [Ctrl+A] option), we added a sub-screen to pick and choose specific status codes (COM, SHO, MSK, ACU) to ignore during this process

10/14/11 In the "Disbursement Journal" report routine, we added an option to include payroll checks (assuming the user has group rights to the payroll routines)

10/14/11 In the A/P aging routine, we added a "Show Totals Only" option. Also added a "Limit to certain Priority Codes" option.

09/13/11 When paying bills, when selecting "Print Checks" we added information to tell you how may (approximate) checks you would need to load in the printer. This option assumes your checks will print a maximum of 10 vouchers per stub.

08/21/11 In the "Bank Reconcilliation" routine, we added the G/L bank account to the printed report

07/28/11 If your system includes the "Report Modification" option and you are using Control G Version 7, you now have a "Report Modifier" custom to your version

06/08/11 The timesheet "Import Timesheets" option in version 7 was not showing the full year in the "date limit" field - fixed

05/11/11 The A/R Aging (version 7 only) now includes an option to "Show Related A/P & PO's" on the report - this could result in an extremely lengthly report, so you may wish to limit by client or screen preview and select specific pages.

04/07/11 Quarterly Payroll Tax Liability Report - Liability by day & month figures incorrect under certain circumstances - fixed

02/28/11 Erase 'tmp' files could cause error if 'rights' problem - fixed (Ver. 7 Only)

02/28/11 'Special' utility 'Duplicate ID Check' could error if duplicated found - fixed (Ver. 7 Only)

01/26/11 Payroll Accrual J/E caused error - fixed (Ver. 7 Only)

12/20/10 EFW2 changes

12/20/10 Year end payroll and w-2 changes

12/17/10 Modify payroll tax file structure to allow for 7 decimal places in the matching factor field.

07/13/10 In timesheet import - print details/recap, changed the sort order to employee / date.

07/11/10 Media Control changes to accomodate Strata "Outdoor"

05/03/10 Media Control changes to accomodate Strata "Interactive"

12/18/09 EFW2 changes

12/18/09 Year end payroll and w-2 changes

02/13/09 Changed error handler window to "FLOAT" so that the user can move the window possibly help discover the root cause of the error.

01/31/09 In Job Listing, if selecting specific 'job types', added safeguard to make sure that all jobs (job types) were properly assigned.

01/30/09 Added "Limit Jobs" to the time import routine - added additional code to force "check" after changing date or job limits - and added extra ttp file lock safeguards

01/03/09 Labels & Listings New menu item for miscellaneous labels and listings found under the Misc. / Reports sub menu.

01/02/09 Time import recap report Added a recap report available prior to importing your "ET" time file.

01/02/09 Expanded vendor aging by client Added additional A/R invoice and balance information to the vendor aging by client report.

12/19/08 Year-end EFW2 changes Customary year-end EFW2 changes.

12/19/08 Year-end payroll forms and tax changes Customary year-end payroll forms and tax changes.

11/05/08 A/P Aging - Client Limit Added "Client Limit" option to the A/P Aging report routine.

09/04/08 Expanded [Ctrl+K] Option Added the [ctrl+k] option to both the PO Maintenance and J/E Maintenance routines - will let you "view" related billing transactions for billed transactions.

05/13/08 A/P Aging - Last Payment Vendor aging "last payment" option showing last payment highest check number - fixed to show most recent payment date.

03/21/08 Date Range Limit Added "Limit to Date Range" option to the "Post Billable Time" routine (not used if you "AutoPost" time).

02/15/08 Strata / MMP Common Option Modified Strata order import and Strata invoice adjustment import to honor the "Autopo MMP MonthOnly" option in the ctrlg.cfg file.

02/15/08 Unbilled Transaction Listing Expansion Modified the "Unbilled Transaction Listing" report to include a column for the cross referenced voucher (PBH) number, or the purchase order number, or the Journal Entry (JEH) number - whatever the case might be.

02/06/08 Job Control - Unbilled Edit Access Job Control was allowing access to "Unbilled Edit" if the user had rights to print "schedule of balance sheet changes" - fixed.

01/31/08 1099 Printing Exclusivity Added specific warning in 1099 printing if vendor file cannot be opened exclusively.

01/29/08 Form Print Adjustment Added form adjustment fields to the "Standard Printer Device" screen. Used for printing W2's, 1099's, or any other form which need a slight vertical or horizontal margin adjustment.

01/22/08 Screen Size Check Installed check for Agency Name defined screen size - warn user if not set.

01/21/08 Maintenance Screen Expansion Expanded standard maintenance screens if user defined screens are defined and larger than standard in the Agency Name File

01/21/08 Vendor Hold All Payments Option In vendor maintenance, if you type "HOLD" in your federal ID field, all payments to this vendor will be held.

12-19-07 Year-end EFW2 Changes The Social Security Administration decided that “Magnetic Media” was an outdated term, so they have changed “MMREF” (Magnetic Media Reporting Electornic Filing) to “EFW2” (Electronic Filing for W2’s). And of course they couldn’t leave well enough alone, so they added a “Software Vendor Code” field to the “Submitter Fields”. Included with this update is a new “PRM” file which reflects these changes.

12-17-07 Year-end payroll forms and tax changes The W-2 form was (of course) changed again. The employee social security box was switched with the Control Number box , to make it less likely for employee social security numbers to show through in a window envelope. (Actually one of the more sensible changes in recent years!)

10-2-07 Bank Reconciliation Check Sequence Warning In the Bank Reconciliation routine, we installed warning message if you have reused a check number sequence. If you receive this message, please contact Control G Support and we will assist you in renumbering your old checks.

07-02-07 Payroll Percentage Deductions In the payroll module, we added payroll options to cause Fixed #1 or Fixed #4 deduction to act as a percentage if: the deduction is less than 1.00 and the Agency Name option "F4 (or F1) is % if < 1" is activated. Related is a new payroll Agency Name option "Add Back Pre-Gross 4 % F1" (which means Add Back Pre-Gross when calculating the Fixed #1 Percentage Deduction) & "Add Back Pre-Gross 4 % F4" which will add back the Pre Gross' deduction for calculation purposes.

06-14-07 A/R Statements Sort Option In the A/R Statement printing routine (open invoice option), we added a sort choice (either Invoice # or date).

05-20-07 Pick List or Entry List Option The A/P Aging Routine and the A/R Aging Routines provide options for limiting these reports to specific vendors or clients. These routines default to providing a “Pick List” of vendors or clients. If you would prefer to manually list selected vendors or clients, call us and we’ll show you how to alert the system to this alternative behavior.

04-17-07 [Alt+F5] Standard Print Option Over the years, we have developed many alternative reports for certain reporting routines. Many of you actually utilize both the standard and the alternative reports. This option will allow you to change report settings on the fly from the “Standard Printer Device” screen.

03-30-07 Pending Charges Date Limit We added a "Date Limit" to the "Pending Charges Summary" report. Please realize that this does not make this an “as of” report, it simply limits the reporting to the “Date Limit” specified.

03-26-07 Expanded Payroll Masterfile In the payroll employee masterfile, we expanded the employee name and City State Zip field into separate fields - we also added a birth date field. We also changed all corresponding payroll reports and procedures to accommodate these expanded fields.

03-23-07 Strata Exceptions Log In the media import procedure, we activated the "exceptions log" feature for Strata media imports.

03-23-07 Employee Earnings Summary Report We created new "Employee Earnings Summary" payroll report. This report is only available during employee masterfile maintenance by pressing the [Shift+F7] key combination at the employee browse screen (of course at the employee for which you are requesting this information).

01-17-07 Optional Vendor Payment Report VENPYMT2 report now included in report database.

01-17-07 A/R Aging Client Select Pick List We changed the A/R Aging "Client Select" procedure to a “Pick List” ([Spacebar] toggle). If you prefer to manually enter your list of clients, see Pick List or Entry List option above.

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