Text Box: Place the diskette or CD in the appropriate drive.

From your Start menu, select…   RUN

Browse for the “D” or appropriate drive and select the “update.exe” file.

You’ll then be prompted for the location of your Control G system (usually  C:\GABEL6).    Once your target folder is correct, press the Update button. (For more information on locating your Control G system, see *Note)

Control G will make several checks on your target folder attempting to confirm that the folder really does contain your current Control G system.  If Control G discovers anything inconsistent with what it expects to find - you will be notified and prompted accordingly.

Control G will advise you if it has any problems copying files.  If problems occur, you should probably call Control G Support for assistance.

When the file copying (extracting) is completed, you’ll be prompted to press the Finished button.

At this point, the update is complete.  Confirm by accessing Control G as you normally would - after entering your initials and password, you should be immediately notified that an update has just taken place.
Text Box: Control G Software
Windows Update Procedure