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Control G Demo

Is it the real software?
Yes, we feel it is very important for prospective users to see first hand how easily Control G operates.

What exactly does the demo show me?

  • We make you the temporary bookkeeper for Demo Advertising at the end of a typical billing month.

  • You'll have a few remaining media bills, supplier bills, and time entries to enter.
  • You'll print the "laundry list" (pre-billing analysis report).
  • You'll see how easy it is to make corrections, adjustments, hold items to the next month or consolidate billing items.
  • You'll actually print the client invoices and statements and become exposed to the many and varied invoice formats available.
  • To finish the month, the demonstration will show you how Control G automatically captures what you've done through interactive journal entries.
  • You'll actually "post" the automatic journal entries and print the financials.
  • You won't be able to cash in the profit you make, but you will see how easy it is to identify the source of your profits.
  • And if the demo didn't address something you want to see, you have the "live" Control G software with which to experiment.

This demo will give you insight into the software operation without taking much of your valuable time. Since you actually run Control G on your machine with actual Control G programs, you get to see how it really works. We want you to know and see what you're buying ahead of time - something no salesperson, brochure, or even a video could possibly reveal.

What will you get?

  • A CD containing the demo
  • Easy to follow demonstration narrative
  • Complete Control G operator's manual
  • Toll-free assistance number for questions

What hardware will you need to run the demo?

  • Any Pentium PC with Windows 9x or better.
  • or
  • Apple Macintosh, with an extended keyboard and OS9

How to get the demo?

The Control G Demo costs $100.00. You can order on-line...

...or send your check for $100.00 to the address listed below...

Gabel Systems, Inc.
P.O. Box 2425
Colorado Springs, CO 80901

Why isn't the demo free?
We've been in business long enough to learn that when giving something away for free, it gets no respect. It sits on a shelf while other projects take priority. We want you to look at our product and see how our software operates. We're confident that you'll discover Control G does things the same way that you do things, but with the speed and efficiency of a computer.

If you purchase the system within 30 days, your $100 can be applied towards the purchase price. However if you decide not to purchase Control G and return all demonstration materials and the completed questionnaire survey within 30 days, we will refund your money.

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The client recap is a great measuring stick for real client profitability. Kathy Vinyard, Briscoe Hall, Kerrville, TX

The one step accounts payable / receivable input really makes it simple. Dominique Henrotte, Burgess Advertising, Portland, ME.

I have been a user of Control G Software products since 1993 and never found any other software that compares to it. The user friendly style and format that Control G utilizes is comprehensive and easy to master. The number of reports that help Ad Agency principals understand their business and control cost accounting and efficiencies are remarkable. I would recommend Control G to any Ad Principal or Accounting Department within an Ad Agency environment. Todd Cooley, Cooley Enterprises, Phoenix, AZ

Gabel Systems, Inc.
P.O. Box 2425
Colorado Springs, CO 80901