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Control G is a complete software solution for today's growing Advertising Agency and/or Public Relations / Marketing Firm. This integrated software solution offers you Billing, Time Keeping, Payables, Payroll, General Ledger, Trafficking, Estimating, Media & Purchase Control and more... Control G offers packages for the PC, Macintosh, Windows, and network platforms. Whether it's software for your Advertising Agency, Advertising Firm, Public Relations Firm, Ad Agency, Design Firm, Design Boutique, or In-House Agency - Control G is the affordable choice to fill your needs.

Gabel Systems, Inc. is a Colorado based corporation, its sole purpose being to develop, service, and market the Control G software package. The Control G package has been on the market in excess of ten years and boasts users in excess of 500. Gabel Systems, Inc. can be reached by phone at (800) 843-1795.

12/27/21 - Control G confirms shipping of 2021 year-end updates. Please check your update documentation for possible changes in your payroll FICA tables and table ID's.
9/15/20 - Gabel Systems announces the release of  The module will allow account service and production employees to access their production job assignments through a web browser and a "calendar" type format.  Employees can easily "check in" jobs on which they are presently working - then can easily "complete" the job function through a simple line item check box. When "completing" a job, the employee can edit the function description and number of hours used - which will automatically flow through to the employee's timesheet. also offers the traffic manager a daily workflow calendar where he/she can instantly see the completion status of all jobs. was developed in Microsoft 2.0 and, of course, interacts seemlessly with the Control G financial package.
7/30/20 - With the successful release of, Gabel Systems announces plans for  The module will allow account service and production employees to interact (through a web browser) with Jobs, Purchase Orders, Estimates, Clients, Schedules and almost all of the data connected with the Job Production process. will interact seemlessly with the current Control G data files.  Depending upon your internet or intranet company set up, will allow for data entry and interaction from the office, home, or on the road.
4/15/20 - Gabel Systems announces the release of, Control G's "Electronic Timesheet" module for the .net platform. allows employees to enter their timesheets from any computer that supports a current web browser.  A list of features and options which include job and function checking, closed job checking, missing timesheets, and many others are now supported.  The module interacts seemlessly with the current Control G data files.
You can sure tell that an agency controller had a lot to do with this package.  Karen Marx, Marx Group, San Francisco, CA Time sheet data entry goes very quickly and Control G constantly watches for errors.  Patti Nyman, Banik Communications, Great Falls, MT What a great tool for pinpointing income sources. Jeanne Hudson, Prisma, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA

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The client recap is a great measuring stick for real client profitability. Kathy Vinyard, Briscoe Hall, Kerrville, TX

The one step accounts payable / receivable input really makes it simple. Dominique Henrotte, Burgess Advertising, Portland, ME.

I have been a user of Control G Software products since 1993 and never found any other software that compares to it. The user friendly style and format that Control G utilizes is comprehensive and easy to master. The number of reports that help Ad Agency principals understand their business and control cost accounting and efficiencies are remarkable. I would recommend Control G to any Ad Principal or Accounting Department within an Ad Agency environment. Todd Cooley, Cooley Enterprises, Phoenix, AZ

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