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Billing / Receivables

Control G is keyed to a date sensitive billing cycle which can handle essentially unlimited numbers of transactions per month. Client Billing coupled with Time, Estimating, and Purchase Control modules allow you to input purchase orders, job estimates, supplier invoices, media bills and /or insertions, time sheets, fees and miscellaneous data. Resulting output equips you with a pre-billing analysis we call the "laundry list", client invoices, statements, client profitability reports and accounts receivable aging data. Control G maintains a myriad of individual custom client options including mark-up structures, time function rates, finance charges, invoice appearance options and sales tax rates.

For each active job during the month, Control G will print a detailed function and cost invoice. The size of the invoice form is totally at your discretion and your pre-printed logo can be included. Invoicing options include detailed line items, paragraph invoicing, sales category consolidation, employee identifier stripping, date include or omit, non-print lines, comment lines, invoice numbers, line continuation, sub-total insertion, bill per estimate, progress billing, bill upon completion, etc. If you don't find the option you're looking for, call us - we probably have it.

Our exclusive pre-billing "laundry list" enables each Account Executive to preview client charges (against estimates if they exist) and make any necessary additions, deletions or changes prior to invoice-statement printing. The "laundry list" clearly labels the prior period charges, purchase orders outstanding, the job's estimate and its month and year-to-date totals and subtotals by category (categories that you select). You have the ability to bill in progress, or job completion. This clear concise format makes for quick approvals or revisions. Partial laundry lists by job or client can be selected at anytime during the month to facilitate weekly or job completion billing. Changes can be made easily by job or by client.

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The client recap is a great measuring stick for real client profitability. Kathy Vinyard, Briscoe Hall, Kerrville, TX

The one step accounts payable / receivable input really makes it simple. Dominique Henrotte, Burgess Advertising, Portland, ME.

I have been a user of Control G Software products since 1993 and never found any other software that compares to it. The user friendly style and format that Control G utilizes is comprehensive and easy to master. The number of reports that help Ad Agency principals understand their business and control cost accounting and efficiencies are remarkable. I would recommend Control G to any Ad Principal or Accounting Department within an Ad Agency environment. Todd Cooley, Cooley Enterprises, Phoenix, AZ

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